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Our History

Like most successful businesses, Winterbottom’s Schoolwear started with a simple idea…

After leaving school, Graham Winterbottom started his clothing career working as a trainee in the garment manufacturing industry. At that time, garments and fabrics were made in the UK and Graham’s experience in every aspect of the trade grew quickly.

In 1977 Graham embarked on his first independent venture with his wife Maureen, manufacturing a single style of school trousers in the UK, to be sold and supplied to most of the leading retailers of the time.

Graham’s appreciation of the importance of good customer service, quickly built the reputation of the Winterbottom’s business. His understanding of the whole value process, from dyeing and finishing to final sewing, led to the development of a collection of schoolwear, perfectly suited for the purpose.

The Winterbottom’s name was proudly added to the garments and the name became synonymous with high quality design and detailed customer service.

As the business grew, Graham’s hand picked team of experienced staff, guided the business through many changes in the industry.

Today we manufacture our garments all over the world, including the UK, but most importantly of all, the original spirit of Graham’s vision remains rooted in our philosophy.

“Customers need good prices, good products and, above all, good service. This is our aim.”


We are proud to have the Winterbottom’s brand in our portfolio