Customer Focus Groups

Earlier this month, we hosted a series of customer focus groups throughout the UK, to involve some of our customers in our latest developments.

As we pride ourselves in supporting independent retailers, we organised the sessions as a way of welcoming a wide range of feedback from a select number of businesses within the schoolwear industry. The sessions; which took place in the North, South and Midlands; encouraged attendees to share their thoughts and opinions regarding some of our core products.

Our Group Managing Director, Jonathan Lowe, commented: “We really appreciate that our customers have taken the time to help us understand how Winterbottom’s Schoolwear can better support their businesses. As a company, we are keen to work with the independent schoolwear retail market to further develop business together, and I hope that our customers see that the changes we are making across the company are putting us in a better position to be able to support them.

“Following the success of these three events, we are looking to run future sessions, therefore, if any of our customers are interested in hearing more, we encourage them to get in touch.”