Ethical Trading, a subject top of the agenda in global garment sourcing, is a core value supported by Winterbottom’s Schoolwear, and we only produce garments in production facilites that meet our internationally recognised Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) Code of Practice. 

Fair trade isn’t just about paying fair wages. Everyone deserves a decent and safe working environment, reasonable hours, holidays, and the ability to speak up if things aren’t as they should be. It is our responsibility to demonstrate that there is no market for unethically produced goods. With this in mind, we pride ourselves in ensuring that the following guidelines are adhered to across the company at all times:

  • There is no forced, bonded or involuntary labour
  • Staff are not required to lodge deposits or identity papers with our factories
  • Staff are free to leave their employment after giving reasonable notice
  • There shall be no recruitment of child labour
  • Children or persons under 16 are not employed at any time, day or night
  • Young persons under 18 shall not be employed at night or in hazardous conditions
  • Staff pay rates are equal to or above the national legal minimum standards
  • Staff receive Health & Safety information
  • Staff have access to toilet facilities and drinking water

We establish and police these principles before and during our working relationship with each factory we use, through internal and independent auditing.