Introducing our brand-new eco blazer!

At Winterbottom's, we've been quietly making recycled blazers for a couple of years now, but for the new 2019 season we are now offering a recycled option for all of our 8 standard polyester blazer shades!

According to several recent reports, globally we are now using around 1 million bottles every minute. One study estimates that only around 7-9% of this plastic is currently recycled. The remainder makes its way to landfill, or even worse, into the oceans, where it enters our food chain.

The good news is that PET plastic bottles can be quite easily recycled. By reprocessing the bottles into small chips, then melting and extruding the fabric, the material can be made into yarn for textile production. The end product is virtually the same as a polyester product made in the traditional way but the savings in both energy and raw materials is considerable.

We firmly believe that customers should be able to choose a recycled fabric option to offer to their schools and parents, without compromising on the excellent quality that our blazers are renowned for; which is why we are now offering you the chance to forward order your blazers as a Recycled Fabric option, in the same way as our standard blazers. They will even mix in with our existing stock, if you want to change over. 

In addition to this, as part of our green initiative, we now also use Teflon Eco Elite™ stain repel and release treatment, which is much kinder to the environment than traditional finishes.

Please contact your sales representative for more details, or call our customer service team on 01228 210 222.