Our 2020 Schoolwear Collection is Coming...

As the 2020 schoolwear season is almost upon us, we had a chat with our Brand Manager, Suzanne Knowles, to discuss our latest product developments for the 2020 season…

Have you added many new items to the Winterbottom’s range this season?

“We have made a number of key changes to our collection this season. As part of our commitment to sustainability we are moving our 100% polyester Kempsey and Knightsbridge blazers to a recycled source in both the outer fabric and the lining. In addition, any garment categories which have a stain repel and release finish will have Teflon EcoElite™, which is kinder to the environment than traditional finishes.

Our shirt and blouse range has been upgraded to non-iron and we have added two new revere blouse styles to the collection.

We have a new and improved junior girls’ slim fit trouser which complements the junior boys’ colour palette. All the trousers in our collection are now fibre dyed which gives a higher degree of colour continuity.

We also have a new sturdy fit junior boys’ trouser with a more contemporary flat front styling and narrower hem.

We had a huge response to our exclusive tartan range which we launched in 2019. One thing we felt we were missing was a red, grey and black tartan, so this has been added for 2020. It’s actually my favourite to date.

We are really looking forward to showcasing our new additions at the Schoolwear Show this weekend.”

What would you say is the biggest addition to this year’s collection?

“Sustainability is key to our development process. I think that by moving all of our 100% polyester blazers to a recycled source and the addition of more environmentally friendly finishes across the board are great moves forward.”

Tell us a little more about the recycled blazer range…

“Anyone who follows the textile industry will know that sustainability and closed-loop manufacturing have been high on the agenda for just about everyone. Turning single use plastic bottles into garments is an easy win. It reduces oil and energy consumption as well as reducing landfill and marine contamination. From 2020, all our forward ordered Kempsey and Knightsbridge blazers and jackets will be from a recycled source. They will have an EcoElite™ stain repel and release finish which, as I mentioned earlier, has less environmental impact than the more traditional finishes.”

Are all Winterbottom’s shirts and blouses now non-iron?

“From 2020, all of our stock supported shirts and blouses will be made from high quality, low maintenance non-iron fabric, with reinforced seams for greater durability and a smarter appearance.”