Winterbottom’s Support Great North Air Ambulance

We have chosen the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) as our charity of the year, and have already held a series of bake sales, yoga classes and pilates classes as a way of raising money. To further support the charity, we have also recently donated over 1000 items of surplus garments to help them raise funds.

Following collection, the stock is transported to a depot and sorted accordingly. At this point, buyers in the UK and abroad then grade the clothing to ensure the charity receive the best possible price for everything so that the clothing can then be sold on.

GNAAS, who are not NHS-funded, bring pioneering pre-hospital care to the scene, rescuing hundreds of severely injured or ill patients every year.

Christianne Kania, Marketing Manager at Winterbottom’s Schoolwear, said; “As we pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing high quality products, it means we can give it a new lease of life by supporting and helping to raise money for a fantastic cause, whilst also helping to minimise the impact that the clothing industry is having on the environment.”

Community Collection Co-ordinator at the Great North Air Ambulance Service, Ellen Raine, commented; “We are always looking for people who are willing to hold community collections and be a designated place where people can bring their donations.

“We would like to take the time to thank everyone who donates to the Great North Air Ambulance, with the support of the public we are able to save lives day after day.”